Author: Ron Killian

Getting Started with Email Marketing

48% of consumers say email is their preferred form of communication with brands. Join the Google Small Business Community and +MailChimp for a Hangout on Air where we’ll answer your questions on how to get started with email marketing. We’ll also be discussing how you can use it to create powerful connections with your...

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6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Do you wanna learn copywriting? In this episode, we’re going to talk about really 6 copywriting tips that you can use if you’re a beginner, you’re wanting to learn copywriting. In this video: 00:11 6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners 00:27 Tip #1: Write Lots Of Headlines 01:33 Tip #2: Understand Your Reader And Understand Your Audience 02:08 Tip #3: Make Specific Claims 02:59 Tip #4: Use Proof And Use Evidence In Your Copy 03:49 Tip #5: Tell Your Readers Where To Go! 04:22 Tip #6: Add Scarcity / Urgency In Your...

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