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How to setup for video blogging

In this video I walk through the basic setup for how I record videos

How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional – Like Apple Does!

I show you exactly how to make your videos look more professional using some very simple, and also affordable, equipment.

Video Editing (for non-editors)

Welcome to the Complete "How-to" guide to VIDEO EDITING for NON-EDITORS!

How To use Call-To-Actions that Engage Viewers

Two principles I think are important for giving a call-to-action in your video that increases the likelihood that the viewer will engage

How To Setup a YouTube Advertising Campaign – Complete Tutorial

TrueView and In Display advertising is a great way to promote your services and products on YouTube as a video marketer, but the AdWords for Video can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know how to use it. We sat down with Ryan Noel, an AdWords Certified Paid Media Specialist with BLASTmedia, who walked […]

DIY Video Studio – How to Set Up Your Home Film Studio

How to Create a DIY Video Studio in your Home Office 0:54 Step #1: Your Backdrop 2:10 Step #2: Your Lighting 2:50 Step #3: Your Camera and Microphone The Backdrop: There are a couple of options: Your natural surrounding or purchasing and using a Backdrop. The Lighting: The more light the better! I recommend Cowboy […]

How to Make a White Board for $30 & Video Marketing Tips

Make a huge custom white board for home, business, or for video marketing online

How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos (Stay With Me Technique)

The Stay With Me technique you can use some YouTube video marketing tricks to your advantage

Youtube Video Marketing Tips – Devin, Wyatt and Joshua

Youtube Video Marketing Tips - Devin, Wyatt and Joshua.