DIY Video Studio – How to Set Up Your Home Film Studio

How to Create a DIY Video Studio in your Home Office

0:54 Step #1: Your Backdrop
2:10 Step #2: Your Lighting
2:50 Step #3: Your Camera and Microphone

The Backdrop:

There are a couple of options: Your natural surrounding or purchasing and using a Backdrop.

The Lighting: The more light the better! I recommend Cowboy Lighting and there are a couple of tricks to setting it up so that you avoid any harsh shadows.

The Camera and Microphone

You’re going to need a tripod. Do not try to balance your video camera on a stack of books! The investment is small and you can easily find it on Amazon.

For your audio, I strongly suggest a lapel mic; however, if you need something a little less expensive you can find a mic for as little as $20.

Tip: Remember to unplug anything that your mic will pick up and create that low “humming” sound in your video!

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