How To Keep Coming Up With Ideas For Content

Ever wonder how to be creative when the well runs dry? In this video you’ll learn my top tips for how to always have creative ideas for your business.

1. Be Silly. You don’t necessarily have to create silly content, but being silly while you’re creating can really open some new ideas and show you how to be creative when you’re running low.

2. The Magazine Rule. It’s not a sin to revisit old ideas you’ve used before. In the magazine world, writers will recycle content ideas all the time because people actually want to hear about the same topics again and again.

3. When It Comes To Creativity, There’s Always More Where That Came From. This is my biggest tip of all, and it’s something I use in many areas of life, including money, love and ideas. If you’re more spiritual, let me remind you of one of my favorite quotes from my friend Marianne Williamson, “God’s the water, you’re the faucet.”

This takes off some pressure so you’re not thinking all your great ideas are coming from you. It’s a bit of creative surrender and getting your ego out of the way so that a higher power can work through you.

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