How Hollis Carter Generated Evergreen, PAYING Traffic by Putting Books on the Amazon Bestseller List

In this video, Hollis Carter reveals how he accidentally became a bestselling Amazon Kindle author by publishing ebooks — and how you can use this system to generate evergreen traffic, leads, and sales to your products.

In this video, you’ll discover… 

How to use the Amazon platform as a catalyst to living the dream life you’ve always desired.

The various reasons why YOU should get into ebook publishing — specifically through the Amazon platform — if you want to generate consistent traffic to your products and get paid for it.

Why it’s much easier to reach the first page of Google through Amazon rather than your own website (and exactly how to do this… so you can become an instant authority in your niche).

The buyer psychology when it comes to customers buying ebooks, and how you can utulize this and rank on the front page of multiple Amazon bestseller’s categories.

And much, much more… Hollis Carter was born with the entrepreneur bug — he started his first business before he could even drive. Formal education was comprised of a bachelor’s degree in professional sales and marketing, accompanied by a three-month course spent in the wilderness mastering the pillars of leadership.

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