How To Be Persuasive

How to be persuasive– it’s something we all want to do at some point, and the key to doing well is being persuasive in an authentic way.

In this video you’ll learn exactly how one of our B-School scholarship winners persuaded me in a totally authentic way to give her a free seat to B-School, even though she was up against over 400 other entries!

Tangela persuaded me by doing 8 things right:

1. She was considerate and followed the contest directions, making my life and my team’s lives easier.
2. She was enthusiastic and confident, and wasn’t afraid to let it show.
3. She was specific and clear about why she wanted to be in B-School and what her goals are.
4. She gave a reason why– which is a proven way to persuade someone to do what you’re asking!
5. She was a total open heart, which made me trust her immediately.
6. She was grateful and acknowledged others in the community, which is SUPER important to me.
7. She threatened me with dance bombs (how could I not be persuaded by that?).
8. And she didn’t use any fancy editing or equipment. Instead, she let her authenticity shine.

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